Can E-ZPass be used in SunPass in Florida?

Can E-ZPass be used in SunPass in Florida?

Florida toll booths will now begin accepting E-ZPass, through its SunPass Pro transponder, in addition to Florida’s well known SunPass. The idea is to make travel from state to state a bit easier.

Does E-PASS work on all Florida toll roads?

Like SunPass, E-Pass works across all toll roads in Florida.

Whats the difference between E-PASS and SunPass?

E-PASS offers discounts for high-frequency drivers; SunPass does not. E-PASS drivers can replenish their accounts at drive-up service centers; SunPass users can drop in at thousands of grocery stores and other retail places. E-PASS and SunPass both work in Georgia and North Carolina.

Can I use my E-ZPass in Florida?

E-ZPass is a multi-state electronic toll pass that works in states from North Carolina to Maine and west to Illinois, and now in the entire state of Florida. If your transponder is part of the E-ZPass Group (I-PASS, RiverLink Portable, NC Quick Pass Portable), your toll pass is accepted on CFX roadways.

Can you buy E-PASS at Publix?

Purchasing a SunPass is easy as there are thousands of retail locations throughout Florida. Some of our retailers include, CVS, Amscot, Walgreens, Publix, AAA, Sedano’s, and Navarro. Click through the retailers below to find a location nearest you.

Are SunPass and E-ZPass the same?

If you are, there are some new changes to Florida’s roadways that could make traveling to and from other states easier. SunPass can now be used in more than a dozen other states. E-ZPass, another electronic prepaid toll collection program, has also expanded its services and can now be used across Florida.

Does SunPass mini work with E-ZPass?

SunPass Mini can be used in FL, GA, & NC. SunPass PRO can be used in 19 states including Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina, plus everywhere E-ZPass is accepted. Prepaid TOLL-BY-PLATE can only be used on eligible Florida Toll Facilities.

What is the difference between SunPass and ePass?

E-PASS stickers are free; SunPass stickers cost$4.99.

  • E-PASS portable transponders are$9.95; SunPass portable transponders cost$19.99.
  • E-PASS offers discounts for high-frequency drivers; SunPass does not.
  • Is E Pass and SunPass the same thing?

    While both SunPass and E-Pass are technically the same, they have several differences. Now, let’s take a look at these differences and what they mean for you. While the SunPass usually has an expiration date of 12 months to 5 years, the E-Pass generally has an expiration date of 2 years.

    Is ePass and SunPass different?

    The difference between E-Pass and SunPass is that they are operated and handled under separate issuing authorities. The old is liable under CFEA (Central Florida Expressway Authority). In contrast, the latter is managed and operated by the authority of TEPS (Turnpike Electric Pay System) of US State, Florida.

    Is ePass and EZPass the same?

    Your E-ZPass will be charged the same electronic toll rate as E-PASS customers are charged on Central Florida Expressway-owned roads. I have an E-PASS and an E-ZPass.