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Can Blythe wear pullip clothes?

Can Blythe wear pullip clothes?

Before I got into BJDs I collected Pullips and Blythes, so I know a bit about those types (as an example, type 3 Pullip bodies can wear some Bratz tops and some Blythe clothing, they can also wear Pullip fashions as well as some Barbie, Skipper, and Jenny clothes- even though clothes from those dolls might not all fit …

What is the difference between Blythe and Neo Blythe?

There are 3 types of Blythe doll Neo, Petite, and Middie. Neo Blythe is 28.5cm tall, Petite Blythe is 11cm tall and Middie Blythe is 20cm tall. Their special gimmick is the eyes those can change direction in different ways according to different mechanism in each type of dolls.

What size wig does pullip wear?

Pullip Style. Wig is size 9-10, it fits Pullip, Taeyang and Isul best.

What is the size of a Blythe doll?

Blythe is a fashion doll, about 28 cm (11 inch) tall, with an oversized head and large eyes that change color with the pull of a string….Blythe (doll)

Blythe dolls can be customized
Type Fashion doll
Availability 1972–present
Official website

Are Blythe dolls still made?

Original Blythe dolls are no longer produced and they didn’t even last very long on the toy shelves, which means if you do a search for one of these dolls, you may find one on big retaliers websites ranging in price going up to the thousands.

What is a factory Blythe?

They are Blythe dolls that are made with real original doll parts combined with custom limbs which makes them real Blythes that are made with real Blythe parts. Factory Blythes are not recast ball-jointed dolls or fake clones.

Why are Blythe dolls so expensive?

Why so expensive? Because these dolls are not intended just for children; they have an appeal that is universal and captures a larger crowd. They are viewed as an art form and popular among doll collectors of all ages.

What kind of body does Blythe have?

She has a bit of a bendy-spaghetti body, that isn’t really articulate. She’s similar-ish in size to the Blythe standard Takara body, but has more slender and cute arms.

What is the difference between the Blythe Pure Neemo and Licca?

The Pure Neemo has a narrow top and wider bottom. This does mean some difficulty in fitting into Blythe clothes. The Pure Neemo feet are also a lot bigger, making it difficult to share boots with the stock Blythe’s as well. The Licca is more slender than Blythe, and I believe more child-like.

Will Blythe fit on XS?

Blythe can also fit on the “XS” size, but I find balancing her giant head on that one a bit precarious. Our model for today is Quinn, my Forty Winks.