Can anyone become a Glock armorer?

Can anyone become a Glock armorer?

(To be eligible to take the Armorers Course you must be an active/retired law enforcement or military officer, private security, GLOCK Stocking Dealer/Range Program Employee or current GSSF member.)

What is Glock armorer course?

In the basic Armorer’s Class (AC), students learn to maintain and service all GLOCK pistol models. In this one day (8 hr) class, students are taught about the design of the SAFE ACTION® System, detailed disassembly and reassembly of all models, recommended service schedules, and parts replacement.

What can I do as a Glock armorer?

This armorer course covers the Glock family of handguns. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to make repairs, alterations and change parts to customize your firearm.

What is a Glock tool?

The Glock Operator’s Tool (G.O.T.), by Code9 Evolutions, is one of the best tools you can buy for your Glock. The G.O.T. is simply a 5 function multi-tool that is designed to assist in the assembly, disassembly, and cleaning of your Glock pistol and magazines, regardless of the model.

How long is unit armorer course?

Servicemembers chosen to serve as unit armorers or alternate armorers attend a unit armorer course in order to learn how to manage an arms room. During the two-week course they are taught how to perform unit-level maintenance and repair weapons they will be held accountable for.

How much do Glock armorers make?

Glock Armorer Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $81,000 $6,750
75th Percentile $57,000 $4,750
Average $45,360 $3,780
25th Percentile $27,000 $2,250

What size is the Glock punch?

Details. The 3/32″ firearm disassembly punch is perfect for Glock® and other handgun owners.

What is the diameter of a Glock punch?

Product Description. Compatible with all Glock models and many other firearms, the Glock Armorer’s Punch is a very useful tool for the removal of action/trigger pins during assembly. The hardened steel pin is 2.5mm (3/32″) in diameter and 32mm (1.25″) long.

Where does an armorer work?

In modern terms, an armourer is a member of a military or police force who works in an armoury and maintains and repairs small arms and weapons systems, with some duties resembling those of a civilian gunsmith.

What is Glock professional training?

GLOCK Professional Inc. provides professional training to law enforcement, military, licensed security and other personnel who desire to utilize the GLOCK “Safe Action” system to its maximum potential.

Why take a Glock pistol armorers course?

Many variations of the pistol are shown throughout the course, allowing the consumer to get a good idea of which pistol will suit their needs. This Armorers course will enable you to disassemble and reassemble your Glock pistol and avoid the frustrations and common mistakes often made by the novice pistolsmith.

Where can I find information and recommendations about Glock handguns?

Armorer, Advanced Armorer, Instructor Workshop and G18 Select-Fire classes are available to provide information and recommendations for the safe, responsible and effective use of GLOCK handguns and other products.

What is Glock’s policy on removing students from classes?

GLOCK reserves the right to remove students from classes and/or permanent ban from future training due to violation (s) of firearms safety rules with no refund of class fees.