Are SR SUNTOUR air forks good?

Are SR SUNTOUR air forks good?

We were thoroughly impressed with the performance of the SR Suntour Auron, TriAir package. Even though the fork makes a sloshy-kind of sound under rebound, it’s a noise we can deal with for the performance/value ratio. The noise is easy to forgive with the amount of confidence and control gained.

How do I know if my SR SUNTOUR is real?

On the left side of the lower you should find a sticker. This is for model identification. The needled number on the crown is for production date identification.

Why are SR SUNTOUR forks any good?

Our review SR Suntour’s Durolux fork is a feature-packed, budget front suspension option that’s improved over the years. The latest version has more refined damping, plus a self-equalising air spring (hence “EQ” in the name) rather than a coil negative spring. That means it will work well for a broader range of riders.

Is the SR SUNTOUR XCR a good fork?

Excellent fork, saved a few ounces from the factory one. Very smooth ride and takes a beating. I don’t do any hardcore trails but do ride off road quite a bit and for a big guy (260lbs) this shock works perfectly! Good product, well made and easy to set up.

How good is Suntour suspension?

4.0 out of 5 stars Budget fork offering good quality, just don’t expect Rox Shocks and you’ll be satisfied. Great product at a budget price. I wasn’t expecting a top end fork at this price however I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and ride that this fork has.

Where are SR SunTour forks made?

SR Suntour maintains manufacturing in Taiwan and Mainland China. Its products range from suspension forks to e-bike components such as motors and battery packs.

Are Suntour XCR forks air?

The XCR 32 LO R AIR is SR SUNTOUR’s first offering of an air sprung fork in our XC category of suspension forks. It features externally adjustable rebound, and air spring for a more precise set up and a hydraulic lockout that can be used on the fly.