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Are locking hitch pins worth it?

Are locking hitch pins worth it?

You can also use a hitch pin lock when your trailer isn’t connected to your vehicle to prevent other people from connecting their vehicle to the trailer and driving away with it. Some of the benefits of hitch pin locks include: Additional protection against theft. Ease of use.

Are hitch locks any good?

As you would expect the hitch lock is resistant to drilling and has been rated at the Gold Standard by Sold Secure. Another important point with this large bright yellow lock is visibility. Thieves are mainly looking for easy targets, therefore first your trying to put thieves off even trying to steal the caravan.

How do you remove a hitch pin?

If you heat the hitch and pin using a torch a lot of times it will break the materials free and you can use a hammer and punch to remove the pin. Use a Sawzall with a thin metal cutting blade to get between the receiver and the stinger of the rapid hitch to cut the pin.

How do I know what size hitch pin I need?

Threaded hitch pins are the same size (1/2” x 13 Threads Per Inch) for 1-1/4” and 2” receiver racks. They are available in standard (provided with the rack) or locking (available from our website). Smooth hitch pin is ½” diameter for 1-1/4” receiver racks and 5/8” diameter for 2” receiver racks.

Which trailer lock is best?

  1. Editor’s Pick: AMPLOCK Trailer Coupler Lock (U-BRP2516)
  2. Runner-Up: Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal Solid Hardened Steel Trailer Lock.
  3. Master Lock Receiver Lock (2866DATSC)
  4. Trimax Premium Key Receiver Lock (T-3BLACK)
  5. Reese Towpower Universal Coupler Lock (72783)
  6. Cocoweb C-Lock Heavy Duty Locking Hitch Pin.

What size hitch lock do I need?

If you have a class I or class II receiver you will need a 1-1/4 inch receiver lock and if you have a class III receiver or larger you will need a 2 inch receiver, then you need to make sure the inside width of the receiver lock is at least as wide as the overall width measurement of the hitch at the hitch pin hole.

What are the different types of receiver hitch locks?

Reese Towpower® manufacturers several styles of receiver hitch locks to accommodate every class of towing equipment. Finishes include stainless steel, chrome and black nickel, and all locks come with two keys. Most designs also come with a rubber cap to keep dirt out of the key opening.

What is the hitchsafe key vault?

The heavy-duty HitchSafe Key Vault is designed to store up to 9 spare keys, credit cards and driver’s license. It features a solid metal construction, which is secured inside a 2″ hitch receiver with a drawer that lets you set various combinations.

What do you use your hitchsafe for?

I use it as a kind of lock box too, and keep a house key in there just in case. You will love this product! Learning curve tip: Lock up the car BEFORE you stash they keys in the HitchSafe!

What is a receiver lock on a trailer?

Receiver locks keep your towing system and its components together until you unlock it. In fact, no one can unhitch your trailer when using a receiver and coupler lock combination. Reese Towpower® manufacturers several styles of receiver hitch locks to accommodate every class of towing equipment.