Are Dahon bikes made in China?

Are Dahon bikes made in China?

Primary production takes place in the company’s factory in Shenzhen, China. Another facility, near Beijing, produces Dahon bikes for China, an increasingly profitable market for the U.S.-based company. Beginning in 2012, all Dahon brand bikes destined for Europe have been made in Bulgaria.

Where are Dahon bikes made?

Shenzhen, China
Production. Primary production takes place in the company’s main factory in Shenzhen, China. Another facility, near Beijing, produces Dahon bikes for the Chinese market, which continues to grow strongly for the U.S.-based company.

What is the lightest Dahon?

Dahon has a range of lightweight folding bikes – which we’ll also cover in this guide – but by far the lightest Dahon folding bike currently available in the Dahon K3, which weighs just 8.1kg. Impressively, the K3 is actually a three-speed bike – so although it’s light, it’s not sacrificing all of its functionality.

Is Dahon K3 plus fast?

The DAHON K3 Plus’s crankset has been increased to 55t, the wheels are relatively small, and the torque is strong, so the riding speed is actually not very slow, plus there is the bonus of 9-speed transmission, meaning all kinds of urban road conditions can become a stress-free commute.

How do I know what model Dahon I have?

To date your DAHON, the first place to look is on the bottom bracket, by the crank. There you will find the serial number stamped into the frame.

Is tern related to Dahon?

Tern was founded by Florence Shen and Joshua Hon, wife and son of David T. Hon, founder of the established Dahon brand of folding bicycles. Initially the company was the subject of litigation between Dahon and the founders, but a settlement was reached in 2013.

Is dahon fast?

Generally speaking, the Dahon Speed D7 is a well-designed, easy to handle, practical, fast and very comfortable folding bike.

Are Dahon bikes aluminum?

Dahon Mariner D8 Folding Bike, Lightweight Aluminum Frame; 8-Speed Gears; 20” Foldable Bicycle for Adults.

What is dahon Glo?

The new Dahon Glo Edition is the range of all models designed and manufactured directly by Dahon. Dahon Glo means “Dahon Global” and means that it has passed all international safety standards and quality control for all countries for worldwide distribution.

What is K3 plus?

The K3 PLUS is designed for high endurance on your urban adventures. Evolved from the original K3, with an updated and sturdy frame geometry, it maintains the classic colors fans love. This showstopper’s 9 speeds, precision disk brakes and foldability can adapt to wherever your ride takes you.

How can you tell a fake DAHON?

The Laser Sticker is a holographic sticker recently introduced to combat fraud, usually found around the seat-tube. If your sticker has a scratch-off panel there will be a number underneath, which you can use to check your bike’s authenticity.

How can you tell a fake DAHON bike?

To ensure the authenticity and quality of Dahon produced bicycles in the future, every Dahon branded bicycle shall bear a serialized 3D holographic label as proof to dealers and consumers that the Dahon bicycles they purchase are genuine.