“It’s both very dreamy but also very grounded,” the singer born Nanna Oland Fabricius told MTV News, breaking down the title Wishbone. “I would describe my album as the conflict between the brain and the body. Wish is all your thoughts and your dreams, and bones, being like your very physical world.”

Nanna sings about her physical limitations in “Bird In An Aeroplane,” a song she told her audience at NYC’s Gramercy Theater on Tuesday night was inspired by birds that cause trouble on airport runways. “Iron steel and smoke,” she sings about the plane, which sucks up the unsuspecting birds in its motor. “Your power is endless, I’m only flesh and bones.”

And through the punchy beats that give the album a hip-hop feel, the earnest soul and sharp piano that brings out a little R&B, and the strums of rock highlighted by producer Dave Sitek’s guitar work, there’s no real way to describe Wishbone.

“I think it’s hard to put my music in a box, and I’m obviously not going to try to do it because a lot of other people will try,” she said. “But I think I have a lot of little boxes.” Wishbone cover story MTV News

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